13 May 2005

Live music in Leicester, Leicestershire.

We were supposed to be on second but ended up headlining, thanks to me being stranded in North Hertfordshire (the horror!). Soundchecking was at 6.30pm. At 6pm I was 70 miles away, locked inside a tiny room. Thanks to Ron's high-speed driving, we made it into Leicester with enough time to spare to head to the nearest smoke-filled greasy spoon for vomit-inducing 'chips'.Mmm...such luxury.

Other bands on were a combination of nu-metal, thrash metal and "metal in its truest form" - this is apparently a man wearing eyeliner and a leopardskin-print waistcoat.

Our set was alright, drums kept on going for a walkabout though and Jack managed to break the once-trusty megaphone. Shambolic in places, strangely in time in others - something for everyone then. Cheers to the Leicester 'crew' who came on down - I hope you're wearing your badges with pride!

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