20 May 2005

Chopsticks for a new generation.

It's Friday, the weekend is near, a man outside is listening to Pantera's cover of Cat Scratch Fever, and a chance to get drunk in a bargain Japanese restaurant has arisen. What an exciting time.

After a couple of shoddy practices, which saw the drum kit kicked over twice, we got back in action on Tuesday to put a couple of duff songs out of their misery and craft a set made for maximum volume. A new song ,All There Is To Do, has spawned into something really quite fantastically ugly, an old song called This is the Sound was cast into the gutter and beaten with planks of wood for being shite. A really old song, Burn Cambridge Burn, got a lick of paint and some shiny new hinges. It's now how we want it to be. All good then. Plus, three London gigs are in the pipeline - the capital will be ours. Ha!

Enjoy your weekend...bring on the noodles.

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