28 April 2005

An unexpected burst of creativity

Eager to make some noise again after Monday's festivities, we were back at a box doubling up as a practice room. The results were good and we managed to sort lots out.
Cracks had begun to appear in This is the Sound. We papered over them with some new licks on the axe.
By popular demand, Burn, Cambridge, Burn has retuned to the set too - but only after a bit of tinkering. It now sounds like a ram raid at a college ball.
We then finally managed to nail a new song together which we deem to be the hottest of good shit. It's called All There Is To Do. There have been several attempts at this but all were rubbish. Now we have this beast battered into good shape. It means we have 11 songs in our current set, breaking through the 20 minute barrier and into the strange new world of playing for half an hour at a time. What value.

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