3 April 2005

Nice hat darlin'

On Friday night we played our weirdest gig ever. We rocked people's faces at a house party while pissed up. We played what we could remember as fast as we could. Meanwhile, drunken crowds gathered in front and behind - good times were had. Dan was also back in town and did his best to destroy the room with sound.This guerrila gigging malarky seems like fun - next stop, inside Woolworths in St Ives!

Just got back from watching The Subways and The Chalets at Apu. 400 people dressed in identical clothing watching bands playing the same songs over and over and over gain. It rocked in places but I was hoping for more. Something original would have been a start.

I'm getting way too bitter for my own good. I'm off to try and lighten the mood with a needle, belt and a bag of rice crispies.

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