27 April 2005

New Review Glory.

From www.brainlove.co.uk

"Bomb Factory (Demo)
Whoah, Nelly. Bomb Factory are not happy about this. Not happy about this AT ALL. Britain is in a right fucked up state, you know. All this illusion of normality, this every-day-ness, it's all fake, and it hides atrocity and mess and bile and murder. And Bomb Factory want to tell you about it all. Old-school punksnarl guitars with a roaring Frank Black screamer on vocals, these songs build and build and build... smoke, sparks and a buzzing sound that keeps getting louder... RUN, IT'S GONNA BLOW!!! And the top flies off with a bang, and there is noise and mess and spit and piss all over the place. Totally cool. www.bomb-factory.co.uk"

Get in!

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