18 April 2005


Our new demo has been completed after a day locked inside a brick outhouse. Click the link to have a listen. After you've done that, abuse the forum with your messages of praise or disgust


Remember, the cd is FREE. If you want a copy, just email us at contactbombfactory@hotmail.com

This was a fourth demo - and the first we're actually pleased with. The deed was done at www.ZOOAUDIO.co.uk with a guy called Andy Cross. He came highly recommended and I can see why - it was so relaxed we did everything pretty much first take, giving us time to go down the pub.Pictures were taken throughout the day on a Tesco disposable camera - if any actually come out we'll stick em up on site somewhere. You'll be able to witness some ridiculouse headgear, Jack looking REALLY hungover, a hairdressers in Milton and inside two Fiats.You bloody love it.

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