25 April 2005

Monday night in a North London cellar.

First up, a big thank you to the Bomb Factory faithful who sped through the night on foot or by car to watch us heavily sweat in Islington. We hope you were entertained and you can fully enjoy your badges and demos. Next time we'll be giving out Bomb Factory fitted kitchens and lunchboxes. Feel free to make use of our trusty forum to post anything you want to. Praise, abuse, recipes, jokes, bad teen poetry, extracts from a friend's diary.....do as you please.

My two penneth about the set: Plagued by a few technical glitches to start off, like not being able to hear what we were playing, but once we'd ploughed through that we enjoyed making as much noise as possible. A high level of thrashing was achieved and that's what people need on a Monday night.

A Tesco Value camera was used to document the occasion. As this cost £2.97, the quality will undoubtably be total shite. If any survive the developing test, expect some pix on t'site soon which will include a fish n' chip shop sporting some of the finest 1970s tablecloths and wall paper in the world. You can't wait can you?

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