11 April 2005

Floods Good, Tap Room Bad.

Well, that was yet another really surreal gig. There we were, in the bar of Floods - a pub well used by Factory staff once upon a time - producing walls of noise on a late Sunday afternoon. Cheers to the large St Ives following who came on down and survived the unbelivable heat.It was our first ever 'home' gig, and good times were had yet again. Bizarrely, the drummer from UK Subs was at the bar too with some mates and told us our set "brought back some happy memories" - so much so that he planned to smash up his flat while listening to the Dead Kennedys. Top marks.

Highlights of thse set have to be Jack somehow managing to snap his mic stand like a twig and an impromptu encore - the masses demanded more so Jack and Ron stayed on to dish out a shout n' bass rendition of Burn, Cambridge, Burn. The first song we ever wrote, after two and a half years, still it LIVES.

Next stop, the studio on Saturday where we'll have to try and play vaguely in time with each other.Once we've knocked up the demo we'll dish copies out for free. Full details will be put up on the site.


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