27 February 2005


For the past two months, we at Bomb Factory have been pulling some gigs together to form a tour. The planned dates are April 22 to April 30. We've got a couple of dates oh so close to being in the bag but we're after more. People need to hear us.

So, if any of you out there can offer us any other places to play in that week than get in touch - we'll play anywhere...even Hastings*

We want to bring the noise to new, innocent ears and leave them bloody but happy.

* This place is easily the most violent town I've ever lived in. Drive-by shootings? Check. Man horrifically carved up by sword-weilding nutter dressed as Robin Hood? Check. Innocent shopper kicked to death after trying to break up an argument? Check. I could go on...but I won't. It was three years ago but the scars are still there...literally!

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