1 February 2005

Throwing shapes in the church of dance

Well..things are looking rosier on the gig front.We're set to bring the noise again at Bedford Esquires, playing at a not-very-secret DIY rock n'roll party in a primary school (!) and rocking people's beer soaked faces at one of the world's smallest boozers. Come. On. Check our trusty gig listings page for all the intricate detail.

At the weekend, some of the Bomb Factory staff attended the Portland to check out some bleak Joy Division style indie, courtesy of Editors. It was a sell out gig, makes a change for Cambridge, now officially the "contented middle class apathy capital of the UK". The band by the way were pretty good. Gnarly if you will.

Afterwards some staff members made their way to Kambar to drunkenly flail to indie hits. Shocking dancefloor footage has been posted on the Alternation gallery page (see links stage right). Can you spot them? Do you want to though?

On Sunday Jack and Mills did the first ever BF acoustic gig. The crowd of jazz fans couldn't get enough of it, the roar of approval at the end of each song was just deafening, it really was......*coughs* What we had here was a slight mismatch of band/venue/crowd. Oh well...it was all good fun. Thanks to Jeremy for sorting the night out.

That concludes my latest garbled ramble.

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