18 February 2005

Last night.

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Portland to soak up the atmosphere of The Hottest Pub Backroom In The World. For those of you interested, and for those that just need something to use up a few seconds, here's the setlist:

Mildly offensive CD intro (what did you think of this by the way? ), Call Centre, This is the Sound, Blow it up, Burn it Down, Kick It Til It Breaks, The Baseball Caps Are Waiting, Fat With That, Death at the Hairdressers, Stevie Smith: Teenage Terrorist, God Loves Us And He Hates You.

We were going to do a new 'un but forgot how to play it. A bit poor, considering we wrote it. Despite losing a stone each through constant sweating, we enjoyed ourselves and won over a few more punters.The cries of "MOOOOORRREEE!" at the end were a nice touch.

The new R*E*P*E*A*T fanzine is out and is a fantastic read if I may say so myself. Some blokes called Bomb Factory have a whole page dedicated to them just to add fuel to their foul egos. Visit www.repeatfanzine.co.uk to get a copy.

Also, yet more pix are up on the LOOK pages thanks to Grant and his trusty camera.

So you've got this far, if you feel the need to reply with some abuse/praise, go to the forum and hammer away at your keyboard.


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