26 January 2005

The way forward...

Sometimes, this band lark is nothing more than a major balls ache. Last month we set ourselves a goal of doing six gigs by the end of February. Easy enough surely...how wrong we were. There's just not enough places to play on our 'home turf' and venues out of the area require a minimum of 50 phonecalls and roughly 200 emails before they can even suggest a possible free slot. So, what do you do? Give up? Not fucking likely....DIY gigs are the way forward. Gigging anywhere with a roof and four walls........yeah, that's right, we don't even care about having doors and windows! We've got a few ideas but would love to hear anyone else's thoughts and suggestions on where we and likeminded bands can bring the noise.

*Breathe out* ....and that was my rant for the day.

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