21 January 2005

Gigs and papers

Bomb Factory made a storming appearance in the Hunts Post this week. Chris Boland wrote nice things about us in his new and improved Almost Famous column - a pint will be sent to him.

It will be good to see a few more gigs in the area - there are loads on bands around St Ives, Huntingdon, St Neots etc but there's just nowhere to play. As mentioned in the article (which you read in the review section of the bomb factory site -you'll find this in the 'bio' area) we're looking into organising a regular night in these parts. The plan is fiendishly simple: hire out somwhere suitable (probably a pub backroom or club), borrow a PA from some of our mates and put on some bands. Surely it can't fail!

We had another lenghty practice last night. The set is sounding really good. New song Death at the Hairdressers (which is about the Shakespeare sisters murder in Birmingham) is perhaps my new favourite - looking forward to 'tearing shit up' at Cafe Afrika next week. Bring. It. On.

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